The Bookend Blend

Dr. Allison Rossett’s Bookend Blend was a huge inspiration for the eLearning Recipe project.

Skills Pay Bills

Learn how to blend an observation checklist in with an online module. Verify real world skills.

YouTube streaming’s as easy as pie!

You’re only a few clicks away from a live broadcast directly to Youtube.

Subtle Seasonings: Text Effects

Learn three quick and easy text effects to make key content stand out.

Google Forms

This recipe is one of my go-to solutions for someone making an eLearning course without a Learning Management System.┬áIt’s free, easy to use, and quick to set up.

The Microwave and the Range

If you’re looking for a food metaphor, think of Storyline like your oven and Rise like your microwave.

It’s Up To You

Give webinar participants the chance to pick which topics they discuss as a group.

No Next

What if you replaced all the next buttons with buttons that engaged your learners?

Handy Handouts

Learn how (and why) you could put a printable handout in your eLearning module.

Review Time

Are you looking for a way to save time for your reviewers and speed up the time it takes to do revisions? Check this out.

Embed a Web Page in Your eLearning Course

Why not have an active web page in an online module?