Youtube streaming (and sites like Twitch) are poised to radically transform the way we think of live events. This event shows changes made in the summer of 2018 that makes live streaming directly to youtube as easy as pie. No more codecs or extra accounts to make.  You’re just a few clicks away from you TV.

If your training is protected under corporate lock and key you may be hesitant to livestream.  Totally understandable. I’m not trying to convince you otherwise. However, you could bring a youtube attitude to your webinar platform and accomplish the same effect. Webinars are typically screenshares of a powerpoint. Youtube is much more fun and fresh. The tools aren’t all that different, but the attitude sure is!

An online stream could be a key ingredient in nearly any successful blend. 

Here’s a link to a quick demo I did of a rare quiet moment in my house with no kids. (Even the dog was gone for the day). Bad light and sound are my fault.

The compression isn’t quite as nice live streaming, but you do get comments if you have an audience.

What can you blend this with?

Use this for marketing an upcoming event. Why let the LMS send a robotic email notification about an upcoming compliance training. Instead, a 2 minute youtube video you make in less than 10 minutes can kick the program off with a little more pizzaz.  Or use it with a small group for coaching, followup and feedback. Make it a regular check-in for your audience. Again, youtube may not be ideal, but don’t rule out a live stream using your webinar equipment. Those can be lively and interesting.

How’d Karl Do That?

After this recipe, you can see a screen video I shot that takes you behind the scenes of my youtube channel and how easy it is to set one of these up. But here’s the two clicks you need to get rolling.


  • Something to say
  • Google account (if you have one you already have a youtube channel)
  • Webcam
  • Microphone (recommended)
  • Promotion – don’t throw a party without telling anyone about it.


  1. Let people know you’re having a live event. (or take your chances with low attendance)
  2. Click the upload button, then choose live streaming.
  3. Share your thoughts with your audience.
  4. End the stream. Your live event is now archived on your Youtube channel.  Share the link if you want people to see the replay.

Karl’s Tips

You can also set up an event. It gives you a few more options including multiple cameras. You’ll see in the video.


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