Ingredients: Articulate 360

One of my favorite tools to work with is the Articulate 360 package.  It features the popular Storyline program which allows any designer to create interactive learning modules without knowing a lick of code. It also features the wonderful responsive design program, Articulate Rise.

Rise allows you to create a course that will play beautifully on a tablet, phone, or computer. Responsive design means that the course won’t just open on any device, it will actually resize all the text, pictures, and media so that it’s optimized for that device.

This week’s recipe is a combination of the the powerful interactions you can do in Storyline and the ease of authoring in Rise.

If you’re looking for a food metaphor, think of Storyline like your oven and Rise like your microwave.

Rise is quick. It’s ultra-rapid eLearning development. It’s like a microwave oven. You can do a lot with it, but not everything. You couldn’t bake a cake with Rise.

Storyline is slower, but more powerful. It can bake that cake, roast vegetables, or cook up the perfect Thanksgiving Turkey.  Your courses can be interactive, customized for different audiences, and gamified to add a level of intrigue.

Here’s a video showing how I used the two tools together… like defrosting frozen chicken with a microwave, then baking a chicken and rice casserole. (actually edible recipe)

If you’d prefer to see the demo version of this recipe, check it out here. 


  • Articulate 360 subscription
  • Rise course
  • Storyline course published to Articulate Review


  1. Create your Storyline course, then publish it to Articulate 360. Note: This is not the way you’ll distribute the final blend of the two.
  2. Use Articulate Rise to create a course. You’ll likely want to use blocks to add other images and text.
  3. Use the Block > Interactive > Storyline to insert your Storyline course.
  4. Export your Rise course to upload to your LMS or share the link with your audience.

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