A Webinar Recipe

This recipe is one that you can use as a portion of an online webinar. Dedicate 10-15 minutes or more to letting your users pick the topics THEY want to talk about.

This recipe is inspired by my new monthly show, Fresh Finds that I co-host with Mike Taylor. We have structured content to open every show, but then we are going to let our audience use Crowdcast.io ‘s Q&A feature to pick what additional topics we cover.
In the comments to these different topics, we have more text and hyperlinks to resources.

This is an easy way to create engaging content for learners. Adult learners appreciate being listened to.  Even if you don’t use crowdcast, you could still do a live poll of your learners and answer their questions on the spot. Watch the video below, or sign up via this link to see how it works.

This recipe is shockingly fast to create.  Since Mike and I each have a weekly newsletter, we are literally copying and pasting our favorites to create this segment of the show. With Crowdcast, I paste the headline as the question, then put links and descriptions in as comments.

This recipe is like cooking with a microwave. Suddenly, you can make a baked potato in 5 minutes instead of the 45 you need for an oven. 


  • Discussion topics or questions
  • Webinar platform like crowdcast.io
  • Ask a question feature (substitute with polls or chat as needed)


  1. Add questions or topics to webinar room before attendees arrive. (You can choose to share this information as a promotion for the event itself.)
  2. Have the online facilitator invite people to vote. If your platform doesn’t have this feature, substitute with a poll.  Or just ask them to type their response into chat, then eyeball the results to see which topics are most popular.
  3. If possible answer the questions in order based on how people are voting for it. Encourage participation in the chat window.

Karl’s Tips

We have structure for this show, but want to allow our audience to choose what interests them. The easiest way to engage a learner is to let them choose what’s most relevant to them.

If you’re wondering, yes this “show” really is similar to a webinar, but we’re trying to have a freeflowing conversation, not a structured lecture. The word “show” seems to fit it better than the lectures that you see in most webinars.

Contact me for coaching if you’d like to set up a call to see how to do it with your group.

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