This recipe is one of my go-to solutions for someone making an eLearning course without a Learning Management System. It’s free, easy to use, and quick to set up. Here’s one way to do it.

Go to Google Drive and click New -> Google Form


  • Online course made with a Rapid eLearning tool like Articulate Storyline or Studio
  • 1 Google Form
  • 1 Responses spreadsheet


  1. Go to your Google Drive page.
  2. Click New -> More -> Google Forms
  3. Create questions for Google Form.
  4. Adjust colors and settings as needed.
  5. Create Responses spreadsheet.
  6. Share permissions with anyone who will access results.
  7. Use your Rapid eLearning tool to embed the live page. Articulate Users: Insert a Web Object
  8. Publish and upload your course. When they reach the slide, they’ll see the google form.

Karl’s Tips

You can share results if you want to try an informal poll.  I did one for a customer service training. Everyone taking the course answered the question What’s an example of a store or website where you got customer service that went above and beyond?  Then we shared the responses so they could read one another’s story.

They also have quizzes that are automatically graded. This is a great free alternative for quizzing. It’s even powerful enough to do custom branching for different audiences.  (Set up multiple sections for multiple audiences).


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