This recipe will make Rachael Rey feel like 30 minutes is too long for a meal.  In mere seconds you can easily embed any URL in your Storyline course. The internet updates constantly, why shouldn’t your online module?

Why write product training for your next course? Use a combination of the company website and training slides to save hours of update time and even more work on updates.


1 Good URL
1 Storyline file (may substitute with Articulate Presenter)


  1. Find a URL worth sharing.
  2. Create a slide in Storyline.  Go to the Insert Tab and click Web Object. 
  3. Typically you’ll need an intro to your learners, and a followup slide after they’ve browsed the page.

Sample File

Here’s a Storyline file with the three slides I used in the demo. (SL 360 and SL3)

Karl’s Tips

Does NOT work in preview. Must be published an hosted on a web server or Articulate Review to show the URL.

Don’t let teachable moments go to waste. Use some brief summary after they finish exploring the site on their own. For example, “Did you notice how easy it was to sort through different categories on our site? Our customers love that.”

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