In this recipe you’ll see how to give learners the option of printing a companion handout to go along with your module. In only a few minutes, you can attach a quick handout.

In my “What’s on your plate metaphor“, I call printed materials the butter of learning technologies because just a little bit more butter can make things so much better.  This recipe can be done with nearly any rapid eLearning tool.  This recipe video shows you how to do it with Articulate Storyline and Presenter.


  • Rapid eLearning tool like Articulate Storyline / Presenter.  (Substitute with other tools as needed
  • Worksheet made in Word, PowerPoint, or other like PDF.


  1. Create your online module
  2. Make a quick one-page handout.
  3. Attach it to the module using the player, then click on Resources.
  4. Customize link text if needed.
  5. Save, publish, and upload.

Karl’s tips

Beware of pop-up blockers. They can prevent this from working. I sometimes include text in the actual link that they click to help learners navigate this issue.

Design Tab > Slide Size > Custom

Another tip is that I find a worksheet with pictures can be easier to make in PowerPoint than in Word.  In word, you need to work with the “wrap text” feature and positioning can be a problem, but I’ve found I don’t have those same issues in PPT and can get more done in less time. Even though PPT is wide by default, you can adjust it so that it’s a tall page that works better for print.  (or you can get crazy and have people print a wide piece of paper)

Go to the Design Tab, then choose Slide Size > Custom. You’ll see a pop up window that allows you to change from landscape to portrait.

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