Subtle Seasonings

Subtle Seasonings are techniques you can use to build engaging slides for your presentations.  They are text effects, transitions & animations you can build in a tool like Storyline, Captivate, or Powerpoint. They’re techniques I use to help your brain latch on to the key content in your design.

Prezi is a wonderful tool, but have you ever felt a little woozy after someone’s wild ride through their presentation?  Presentations shouldn’t leave you craving Dramamine. Animations can be like a spicy pasta dish with way too much spice. It’s impossible to digest and just makes you feel sick.

I’m not attacking Prezi. A dish prepared with any software can get overwhelming.

Like all tools, there’s a balance between too dull and too busy that all presenters have to find.

And that balance what’s driving me to this new series called Subtle Seasonings.  It’s the idea that a dash of this and a sprinkle of that can transform a bland set of slides into a mouth-watering presentation.  

Here’s a link to subtle seasons for Text Effects.

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