Your main dish would be something that happens live.  It may be a webinar. It could be face to face standup training, but live instruction from a qualified facilitator is a featured part of a training program.

Different Types of Synchronous

If you want, you can think of Instructor Lead Training as main dishes with meat and webinars as seafood.

To plunge deeper in this metaphor, seafood could be like a video conference call with two way video using something like Google Hangouts, Skype, or Crowdcast.io

My wife is a pescatarian, which means she will eat seafood, but not meat.  That’s why tofu alternatives are a persistent option at our house, what are those?

I’d say a tofu patty is like a webinar with one presenter and a group chat. It gives you the nutrition or information you need, but my experience is that they’re not quite as satisfying as other options.

It’s tempting to say face to face instruction with a facilitator is the bread and butter of our industry, but I’m saving butter for another metaphor. (Gotta spread these around.)

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