I think vegetables have a lot in common with performance support tools. Any of the tools you can use to help you while you’re on the job. I’m talking about Job Aids, Cheat Sheets, Reference Guides, and Infographics.

Performance support tools and vegetables are both surprisingly cheap, easy to prepare, and sadly most people don’t get enough of them.

Ask yourself, could we skip the course and build a job aid for them to use when they need it on the job? This recipe shows you how you could put a handout in your next module.


You know my favorite price?  Free!
Here’s a great tip for a free resource. Build a nice worksheet using Word or PPT or check out a site like Canva.com to build a great Infographic. Canva is free.  They have a terrific design school you should check out.

See? There is such a thing as a free lunch!  You can design amazing things for free on Canva.

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