What are Carbs?

Online learning is like carbs. It’s starchy food like french fries that you can get pretty much anywhere anytime. Late at night. Working remotely, or back in the office.  It’s never hard to find online modules or fried food.

There are huge advantages to Online modules that are assigned, graded, and tracked automatically, but a learning diet of nothing but online training is like visiting the drive thru every night after work. Both can get the job done, but leave you feeling bloated… mentally or otherwise.

Blend for Performance

I’ve made thousands of modules. Some I’m proud of. Others were just fancy powerpoints that I’m not sure were really effective. I’ve also seen a presenter that loses everyone by reading their slides to everyone. I jokingly call that a “live eLearning” module. All online learning is more effective when it’s part of a blended strategy. 

For example, use an online module to give an audience the foundational knowledge they need for highly interactive face-to-face sessions.

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