Online games are like desert.  Sweet and addicting. They may be someone’s favorite part of the meal, but are also high on empty calories. Are you spending a lot of mental energy on something that isn’t going to help you do your job better?  Hope not.

Ice cream is Karl’s go-to dessert. (Especially Graters)

I don’t want to come across as anti-game. I love games and if we’ve ever shared a meal, you know I’m easy to talk into anything with ice cream. What I’m saying is that I think games have the best opportunity to simulate what it’s really like in the job and let people make mistakes in training instead of on the job with real clients, patients, or customers.

I just can’t ignore that a lot of games are just empty calories. As a middle aged guy who tries to stay in shape, I have to watch what I eat. Mentally, be sure  Do I really need a Wheel of Fortune themed quiz? Is an online crossword puzzle going to help me do my job better? Not likely. If that’s not what I do in my job. I’d hate to spend my mental calories on it.

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