More butter is better.

What’s the one things you can add to nearly any dish and get rave reviews? What’s the one ingredient you can put in nearly every dish and have them say “wow, this is good”? Butter!

I’m an old-school learning designer. I think well done printed materials are like butter.  Just a little bit can make all the difference.

Don’t print up an identical copy of your powerpoint slides! That’s not my point. That kind of printed materials are like something you’d eat at the fair. Totally glutinous. Not the best for day-to-day life. But give me a tool I can use to structure my takeaway items and give me a place for notes! Absolutely!!

Just the right amount of printed materials can transform an online module or facilitator-led experience the same way butter turns dry bread into warm toast.

eLearning Recipe Videos – Add a Worksheet


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